Google is good, but

* Sometimes you googled an hour for an unpopular information.

* Sometimes your friend just send you a link, which you may not find it in google.

How can we find them instantly next time?

Google is good, but...

What we do

Tag in

Tag in

Bookmark website with tags, which you spend an hour googled.

Tag out

Tag out

Use tags to find your website.

These tags is your first impressions to the website, to recall them, just need a flash!

Justag it, & grab it later

It's the most simple way.

How it works

Download extension

Download & install extension

Justag service bind with browser extension (now we support chrome extension), download & install it.

Tag it

Tag it

When you find something interesting, just hit extension icon, then bookmark with some tags.

Search it

Grab it

Next time you want to search the website you bookmarked, hit extension icon, switch to search panel.

Then search by tags that you entered before.